Panel 3: Commodities Genomics

Jeffrey Bennetzen, University of Georgia, Athens

Jeffrey Dean, University of Georgia, Athens

Erik Legg, Syngenta

Patrick Schnable, Iowa State University

Panel 4: Domestication and Population Genomics

Susan McCouch, Cornell University

Edward Buckler, Cornell University

Charles Langley, University of California, Davis

Magnus Nordborg, University of Southern California

Panel 5: Ecological Genomics

Barbara Schaal, Washington University, St. Louis

Thomas Juenger, University of Texas, Austin

John Willis, Duke University

Panel 6: Functional Genomics

Mary Lou Guerinot, Dartmouth College

Joseph Kieber, University of Carolina, Chapel Hill

Panel 7: Training, Education and Outreach

Susan Singer, Carleton College

Lois Banta, Williams College

Concurrent Breakout Sessions 1

1a) Sequenced Plant and Associated Data Management

All major crops and common forms thereof and all major pathogens Sample sequence of all major clades

1b) Regulatory Plant

Understanding regulatory networks at all levels

1c) Evolving Plant

Understanding the evolutionary history of all major plants, their diversity, how it has changed and how it is changing

Concurrent Breakout Sessions 2

2a) Dynamic Plant

Understanding plant cell differentiation, cell-cell interaction and changes over developmental, time and in response to both biotic and abiotic stresses

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