Changes for MTU Use at BGCAPP

GB and VX



SDU and autoclave would be required with the MTU for GB- and VX-contaminated waste streams. This method of decontamination may require higher treatment temperatures to achieve acceptable treatment times to meet WCL guidelines for off-site disposal.

Number of units

2 MPTs with one for projectile processing and one for waste streams and as a backup spare.

2 MTUs with only one ordinarily required to meet PCAPP processing rates.

BGCAPP might require only 1 MTU because the number of projectiles is an order of magnitude less than at PCAPP; MTU availability expected to be higher than that of the MPT.

MDBe footprint

~70 ft long × 40 ft wide × 20 ft high

~100 ft long × 30 ft wide × 20 ft high

MTU would require changes in BGCAPP MDB layout to accommodate longer processing length and SDU and autoclave units and to provide for collection bins for receiving treated metal parts from MTU discharge chute.

Total direct footprint for 2 MPTs plus 50 percent of MPT/washout support room plus MPT cooling room is 4,640 square feet.

Total direct footprint for 2 MTUs is 5,100 square feet plus 216 square feet for collection bin enclosures.

Post-treatment agent clearance

In exit air lock before leaving level A area.

In treated munition collection bin in Level D area.

MTU use at BGCAPP would require permit change for use of current MTU discharge configuration.

Atmosphere in unit

Nitrogen in air locks and superheated steam in main chamber.

Air flowing from both ends of muffle to off-gas duct exit from muffle system.

Change in Kentucky permit would be required for use of MTU and SDU or autoclave.

Off-gas treatment system

Flame arrestor, cyclone, bulk oxidizer, venturi scrubber, and reheater.

Flame arrestor, filter media, bulk oxidizer, venturi scrubber, and reheater.

Same components, with different gas flow rates and sizes.

Method of heating

2 induction coils at 450 kW each plus 75 kW resistance heating for steam superheater.

Resistance heaters at 600 kW


Method of operation



Would have to change from a batch stream to a continuous stream.

Char and tar buildup from secondary waste treatment

Expected, but the design allows for addressing tar and char buildup.

Secondary waste not processed in MTU.

Secondary waste not processed in MTU.

Method of control of atmosphere in main treatment unit

Doors and seals on air locks attached to main chamber.

Curtains on munitions cold feed end and cooling section exit of muffle.

Curtains on munitions cold feed end and cooling section exit of muffle.

Overall availability (percent of time the system will be operating)

83 percent estimated using spare MPT.

91 percent estimated for single MTU; no estimate given with spare MTU.

Both estimates based on using both treatment units.

Munitions throughput rates




4.2-inch mortars

None for BGCAPP



105-mm projectiles

None for BGCAPP



155-mm projectiles




8-inch projectiles



MTU should be capable of modification to achieve BGCAPP 8-inch projectile processing rates.

aSDU, supplemental decontamination unit.

bEBH, energetics batch hydrolyzer.

cWCL, waste control limit.

dABCDF, Aberdeen Chemical Agent Disposal Facility.

eMDB, munitions demilitarization building.

SOURCE: Adapted from BPBGT, 2007c.

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