One of the committee’s tasks is to determine whether SAP 2.4 is effectively presented to its intended audiences. Keeping in mind the intended audiences described in the prospectus, the draft SAP does not provide enough introductory information in each chapter for the key points to be understood by a non-technical audience. One suggestion is to include WMO’s 20 questions document (Fahey 2007) as an appendix in the SAP, since it is written for a broad audience. The authoring team should include pedagogical introductory information and contextual language for the key issues and key findings. Chapter 3 (Review of Individual Sections) of this review provides additional suggestions for introducing essential concepts in each chapter of the draft SAP. As a matter of organization, it is difficult for the reader to correlate the key issues and key findings at the beginning of each SAP chapter to the associated discussions within the chapters. The authoring team should establish a clearer relationship among the key issues, key findings, and associated discussion for each topic.


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