TABLE 1-1 Topic Headings, 2010 CPEX Research Proposals and 2000 Census Evaluation Program

2010 CPEX Proposals

2000 Census Evaluation Topic Reports


Content and data quality

Coverage improvement

Coverage improvement

Address list development

Address list development

Administrative records

AREX2000 experimenta

Coverage follow-up

Partial: Coverage improvement

Residency rules/question development

AQE2000 experiment

Be Counted

Partial: Response rates and behavior analysis


Coverage measurement

Coverage measurement

Field activities



Partial: Automation of census 2000 processes


Quality control

Partial: Content and data quality


Partial: Response rates and behavior analysis


Partnership and marketing program

Mode effects


Privacy research in census 2000b

Race and Hispanic origin

Race and ethnicity

Self-response options

Special places and group quarters

Special places and group quarters

Automation of census 2000 processes

Data capture

Data collection

Data processing

Ethnographic studiesc

Puerto Rico

Response rates and behavior analysis

Note: The italics in the entries indicate deviations from the column heading, “2000 Census Evaluation Topic Reports.” Some of the entries were not topic reports but were experiments. Also, some of the operations were part of the 2000 Coverage Improvement report.

aDescribed as partial match because the CPEX proposals under automation are oriented principally at one component (handheld computers).

bPrivacy was also touched on by the Social Security Number, Privacy Attitudes, and Notification (SPAN) experiment.

cThe 2000 census included several ethnographic studies; administratively, about half were considered part of the experiments while others were formally designated as evaluations (and were the subject of a topic report).

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