the increasing use of the Internet by older persons to pay bills, shop, and communicate with friends and family.

Initial Challenges to Consider

  1. Develop projections for future age-specific disability rates by gender, race, and socioeconomic status. These projections should take into account:

  • Various definitions of disability (e.g., ADL, IADL, cognitive function, other definitions and subtypes of disability);

  • Recent trends in disability rates for various age groups;

  • Expected future changes in lifestyle (e.g., diet, exercise, smoking), health care (new approaches to diagnosis and treatment), and health status (e.g., obesity, diabetes) that may influence disability;

  • Changes in medical and related technologies that may compensate for functional impairments; and

  • Advances in nonmedical technologies, in the workplace and beyond, that may enhance or limit function in older persons.

  1. Develop new concepts for interventions (e.g., social, medical, technological) that mitigate these trends.

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