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utilization are described in Chapter 6 where scores assigned to various vaccines are displayed together to facilitate comparison.

Lay Acceptance

The perceived risk of acquiring HAV infection among the lay population is probably quite small because most people do not associate hepatitis with children. The perceived severity is probably moderate, because most adults are familiar with the limitation of normal activities associated with the disease, but do not know that symptoms are usually milder in children. The perceived benefits of the vaccines probably would be moderately high, as a result of the general belief in the efficacy of pediatric vaccines. The perception of risks probably would be moderately low; it would stem primarily from concerns about the potential risk of any live virus.

Provider Acceptance

The perceived risk of illness among providers is probably slightly higher than among the lay population, primarily because of greater knowledge about the existence of subclinical infections. More information also plays a role in the slightly lower score for perceived severity. In contrast, perceived benefits probably would be higher as a result of provider awareness of the benefits of herd immunity. Provider perception of barriers probably would be somewhat lower than that of the lay population.

Cost of Illness

The scope and purpose of the calculations included below are described in Chapters 4 and 7. These calculations are based on certain simplifying procedures and assumptions that have been judged not to compromise their utility for the purposes of this comparison. The total costs should be taken only as an approximation of the direct cost of this disease.

Cost of Total Disease Burden and Vaccine Preventable Illness

Category A n/a

Category B—nausea, fever, jaundice, abdominal pain, anorexia

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