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compare investment in basic scientific research with investment in accelerated vaccine development, or to anticipate the source of funds for any vaccine-related programs. In addition, the approach requires that an effort be made to state the sources and reasons for all assumptions and estimates.

The selection of candidates for accelerated vaccine development should be an ongoing process. One of the benefits of the model is that it provides a structured format in which to incorporate new research findings. This is especially important given the rapid development of new techniques in biotechnology.

After the annualized net expected costs and the annualized net expected health benefits have been determined for each vaccine, the results must be interpreted based on the type of constraints that limit the number of candidates that may be selected. Specific procedures exist to establish the dominance of one investment over another. If dominance considerations alone do not provide a complete slate of candidates, decision makers must make judgments to determine whether incremental costs are worth paying to gain incremental benefits in specific cases.

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