Outputs a direct product of a NIOSH research program that is logically related to the achievement of desirable and intended outcomes (for example, publications in peer-reviewed journals, recommendations, reports, Web site content, workshops and presentations, databases, educational materials, scales and methods, new technologies, patents, and technical assistance).

Planning inputs stakeholder input, surveillance, and intervention data, and risk assessments (for example, input from Federal Advisory Committee Act panels or the National Occupational Research Agenda research partners, intramural surveillance information, or health hazard evaluations).

Populations at risk people that have proximity to the activities of agriculture, forestry, and fishing and to the potential dangers involved in those activities.

Production inputs intramural and extramural funding, staffing, management structure, and physical facilities.

Stakeholder individual or party that has an interest in and may be affected by the NIOSH AFF Program.

Technology transfer the process of developing practical applications for the results of scientific research.

Surveillance the observation and recording of injuries, illnesses, and deaths.

Zoonoses, zoonotic diseases diseases caused by infectious agents that can be transmitted between (or are shared by) animals and humans.

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