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Public Comment

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11:40 a.m.

Wrap-up of Open Session

Paul Gunderson, Committee Chair

*Representatives of the United Farm Workers of America, United Food and Commercial Workers, Farm Labor Organizing Committee, and Frente Indigena De Organizaciones were invited to speak to the committee but declined.


The committee extends its gratitude to the NIOSH staff. The AFF Program staff faced the substantial task of assembling the initial set of materials that were provided to the committee for this study. They also assembled a considerable amount of material in response to the committee’s requests for additional information. The committee extends particular thanks to the NIOSH staff who gave presentations or responded to questions from the committee at its meetings, including Lewis Wade, George Conway, John Sestito, Dawn Castillo, Barbara Lee, Jennifer Lincoln, Teresa Schnorr, John Myers, Larry Chapman, Richard Fenske, Marc Schenker, Stephen Reynolds, and Jeffrey Levin.

The committee also thanks the many members of the agriculture, forestry, and fishing communities outside NIOSH who contributed to the study by providing comments on the NIOSH AFF Program, making presentations at the committee’s meetings, or providing additional information in response to committee requests. In addition to those listed earlier in this appendix, the committee acknowledges David Wegman of the National Academies Committee for the Review of NIOSH Research Programs, Michael Alavanja, Charles Andrews, George Daniels, Jerry Dzugan, John Garland, Ilene Jacobs, Mike Johnston, William Krycia, Michael Marsh, Brad Rein, Michael Rosecrans, Robert Rummer, David Runsten, and Ray Souza.

The committee recognizes especially the assistance of George Conway. Dr. Conway served as the committee’s point of contact for the NIOSH AFF Program and was tireless and gracious in his efforts to respond to the committee’s many information requests and questions. The committee is also grateful for the assistance of Raymond Sinclair, who ably and patiently acted as a liaison between the committee and NIOSH as a whole.

The committee appreciates the support of Andrew Pope, director of the Institute of Medicine Board on Health Sciences Policy, Greg Symmes, deputy executive of the Division of Earth and Life Studies, and Evan Douple and Sammantha Magsino, who serve as staff to the Committee for the Review of NIOSH Research Programs.

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