TABLE 7.10 Estimated Undiscovered but Technically Recoverable Onshore Oil and Gas Resources on Federal Lands


Oil (billion bbl)

Gas (Tcf)




Accessible with restrictionsa



Accessible standard leasea



Total resourcesa



Northern Alaska total



National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska



Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (1002 Area)



aBLM, 2008.

bUSGS, 2002.

cUSGS, 1998.

dEIA, 2004.

Source: See

Table 7.10 reports estimates, compiled by the Bureau of Land Management from USGS and MMS sources, of the volumes of technically recoverable oil and gas for federal lands. The amounts shown are for 11 sedimentary basins, including the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPRA) and the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge 1002 (ANWR-1002) areas. The NPRA and ANWR-1002 estimates shown separately (but included in the 30.5 billion barrel estimate) in Table 7.10 are the largest components of the onshore, undiscovered, and technically recoverable resources. The NPRA estimate (9.3 billion barrels) is part of the estimate of undiscovered oil that is accessible with restrictions, and the ANWR-1002 estimate (7.7 billion barrels) is in the inaccessible category.

Comparison of these numbers with the scale of oil use is instructive: 2007 world oil consumption was about 85 million barrels per day (31 billion barrels per year); U.S. oil consumption was about 20.7 million barrels per day (7.6 billion barrels per year); and U.S. oil production was 6.9 million barrels per day (including natural gas liquids), which amounts to 2.5 billion barrels per year (British Petroleum, 2008). For natural gas, the corresponding 2007 numbers are world natural gas consumption at 104 Tcf, U.S. consumption at 23 Tcf, and U.S. production at 19.3 Tcf (British Petroleum, 2008).

The estimated undiscovered oil resources, which total 30.5 billion barrels, are included in the 76 billion barrels of undiscovered offshore resources listed in Table 7.6. The total gas resources listed, however, are not included in the natural

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