ASES American Solar Energy Society

ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers

ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASP alkaline surfactant polymer

AWEA American Wind Energy Association

bbl barrel

bbl/d barrel(s) per day

BCG Boston Consulting Group

BEV battery-electric vehicle

BLM U.S. Bureau of Land Management

BOF basic oxygen furnace

BOP balance of plant

BTP biomass-to-power

BTL biomass-to-liquid

Btu British thermal unit

BWR boiling water reactor

C Celsius

CAES compressed air energy storage

CAFE corporate average fuel economy

CAIDI Customer Average Interruption Duration Index

CAIR Clean Air Interstate Rule

CANDU PHWR Canada deuterium uranium pressurized heavy water reactor

Caps capacitor

CAR ceramic autothermal recovery

CAREM advanced small nuclear power plant

CBTL coal-and-biomass-to-liquid

CBTP coal-and-biomass-to-power

CBFT coal-and-biomass-to-liquid fuel, Fischer-Tropsch

CBMTG coal-and-biomass-to-liquid fuel, methanol-to-gasoline

CCE cost of conserved energy

CCS carbon capture and storage

CDF core damage frequency

CEC California Energy Commission

CECA Consumer Energy Council of America

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