TWh terawatt-hour

U uranium

U3O8 triuranium octoxide

UCS Union of Concerned Scientists

UF6 uranium hexafluoride

UPS uninterruptible power supplies

UREX uranium extraction

USABC U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium

USEC U.S. Enrichment Corporation, Inc.

USEPR U.S. evoluiontary power reactor

USGS U.S. Geological Survey

USNRC U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

USPC ultrasupercritical pulverized coal

U-value heat-transfer coefficient

UWIG Utility Wind Integration Group

V carbon dioxide vented

VAR volt-amperes reactive

VFT variable frequency transformer

VHTR very-high-temperature reactor

VRB vanadium redox battery

VRI vehicle-to-refueling-station index

W watt

WRI World Resources Institute

WGA Western Governors’ Association

Wh watt-hour

WinDS Wind Development System

ZEBRA battery sodium nickel chloride battery

ZnBr zinc-bromine

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