Recommendation 2-3. The FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership should develop and refine its models for consumer behavior during a market transition to radically different vehicles and should also explore ways to enhance the effectiveness of its cost models.

Recommendation 2-4. The FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership should assign responsibility for overall program management and for the complex analyses to support program management, such as technology assessments, goal checking, evaluating the broader impacts of the technologies on the major problems, commercialization assessment, and decisionmaking, among others.

Technical Teams

Recommendation 2-5. DOE should form a new crosscutting safety technical team with a mission that includes broad hydrogen-related safety issues not only for HFCIT but for the other DOE offices as well. The new team should incorporate the existing codes and standards technical team as a subteam. The other offices should assign a person to be responsible for safety and to interface with the safety technical team. The safety, codes and standards effort needs adequate resources so that it can accomplish the goals identified in its roadmap.

Vehicle Standards and NHTSA

Recommendation 2-6. NHTSA should begin its hydrogen R&D program in FY05 by focusing on the effects of hydrogen releases and other potential hazards with hydrogen-fueled vehicles as well as analyses and research to determine the right mix of system-level and component-level standards. NHTSA should also work with other U.S. and international safety groups to establish global standards for hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

Publication, Openness, and Safety Documents

Recommendation 2-7. DOE, USCAR, and NHTSA should prepare and maintain a bibliography of hydrogen-safety-related reports and papers and make that information available on their Web sites in a user-friendly manner. NHTSA and DOE should develop investigation protocols and have investigation teams ready to visit serious incidents anywhere.

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