EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

EV battery electric vehicle

FACE fuels for advanced combustion engines

FC fuel cell

FCFP FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership

FCHEV fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle

FCVT FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies (program)

FE (Office of) Fossil Energy (DOE)

FFV flexible fuel vehicle

FPITT fuel pathway integration technical team

FY fiscal year

GATE Graduate Automotive Technology Education

GDL gas diffusion layer

GFRP glass-fiber-reinforced plastic

gge gallons gasoline equivalent

GHG greenhouse gas

GREET Greenhouse Gas, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation (model)

GW gigawatt

H or H2 hydrogen

H2A Hydrogen Technology Analysis (model)

HAMMER Hazardous Materials Management & Emergency Response (facility)

HC hydrocarbon

HEV hybrid electric vehicle

HFCIT Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Infrastructure Technologies (program)

HFCV hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

HFI Hydrogen Fuels Initiative

HSS high-strength steel

HyTrans Hydrogen Transition (model)

ICC International Codes Council

ICE internal combustion engine

IEA International Energy Agency

IGBT insulated gate bipolar transistor

IGCC integrated gasification combined cycle

kg kilogram

kW kilowatt

kWe kilowatt (electric)

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