specific context will always be made clear throughout the document. One way to improve Table P1 would be to add column headings and include a category for 0.33<p<0.50.

Specific remarks:

L 131, 138: “climate” should be replaced with “weather and climate”

L225: “for” should be replaced with “with”

L226: Delete “up through”

L229: “supercede” should be replaced with “supersede”


General remarks:

Most of the key findings on attribution listed on P18-21 regarding surface temperature and rainfall trends are based on surface observations and climate model simulations, and thus can be assessed without reanalysis directly. The committee finds that most of the conclusions appear to be independent of reanalysis and that the authors need to strengthen the case that reanalysis is in fact critical in reaching these conclusions, for example by stressing the indirect use of reanalysis for the attribution of climate variability and in testing the Global Circulation Models (GCMs).

Page 20: need some statements regarding the fact that the SST changes may be due to anthropogenic forcings.

There is some confusion about the usage of “change”. One suggestion is to replace “a change has occurred” (or similar wording) with “an anthropogenic change has occurred” on L418 & throughout: Changes caused by solar variability would be called changes by this document, yet they are natural. Later (lines 3044-3046), for example, changes are partly attributed to natural causes. This language needs to be much more precise.

Specific remarks:

L278-279: “conditions and, more generally, conditions of other” should be replaced with “conditions, including various”;

L278-279: “the oceans” should be replaced with “the atmosphere, oceans”

L312: “consistent” should be replaced with “internally consistent”

L329: “synoptic (weather)” should be replaced with “regional”

L378-383: This evidence is among the weakest on this point in the relevant chapter.

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