the kind and expert assistance of Hellen Gelband. Deepali Patel’s editorial support in revising the draft workshop summary in response to the comments of the external reviewers is also greatly appreciated. Thank you to the PEPFAR evaluation team, led by Drs. Kathy Marconi and Paul Bouey, for their support in planning the meeting and participation throughout. We are grateful to the Kaiser Family Foundation for its webcast of the workshop proceedings, allowing people who were not able to join us to see and hear the proceedings. Last, but most definitely not least, special thanks to our lead author, Dr. Clara Cohen, who somehow managed to condense 2 full days of detailed presentations and involved discussions into this coherent and useful summary.


The workshop and this summary are intended to be helpful to the U.S. Congress in developing expectations for the evaluation of PEPFAR’s impact as well as to those involved in implementing and evaluating the PEPFAR program. Because the law authorizing PEPFAR will expire in September 2008, I hope the report will contribute to developing a compelling, informed, and expanded vision for building on PEPFAR’s initial success.

In her remarks to conclude the workshop, moderator Ruth Levine used a colorful and creative analogy comparing PEPFAR to a car with a full tank of gas—several billions of dollars worth—with instructions to go as fast as possible. She described back-seat drivers in the car who admonish the driver about speed, direction, and number of passengers and a road that is also moving at the same time. Where is the car relative to where it wants to be? Where is the car relative to where it was? Is the car moving in the most direct way to where it should be? Should we stop driving or continue driving in the same direction without looking at the signals along the way? This workshop has demonstrated that the best option is to ask key questions, look for signs that can help orient us all, and keep moving.

Jaime Sepúlveda, Chair

IOM Committee for the Evaluation of PEPFAR Implementation

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