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  1. How appropriate is the science used to achieve each LTG, i.e., is the program still asking the right questions, or has it been eclipsed by advancements in the field?

  2. Does the MYP describe an appropriate flow of work (i.e., the sequencing of related activities) that reasonably reflects the anticipated pace of scientific progress and timing of client needs?

  3. Does the program use the MYP to help guide and manage its research?

  4. How logical is the program design, with clearly identified priorities?

Program Performance

  1. How much progress is the program making on each LTG based on clearly stated and appropriate milestones?

Program Quality

  1. How good is the scientific quality of the program’s research products?

  2. What means does the program employ to ensure quality research (including peer review, competitive funding, etc.?

  3. How effective are these processes?

Scientific Leadership

  1. Please comment on the leadership role the research program and its staff have in contributing to advancing the current state of the science and solving important research problems.

Coordination and Communication

  1. How effectively does the program engage scientists and managers from ORD and relevant program offices in its planning?

  2. How effectively does the program engage outside organizations, both within and outside government, to promote collaboration, obtain input on program goals and research, and avoid duplication of effort?

  3. How effective are the mechanisms that the program uses for communicating research results both internally and externally?


  1. How well-defined are the program’s measures of outcomes?

  2. How much are the program results being used by environmental decision makers to inform decisions and achieve results?

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