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2.3: Does the program have a limited number of specific annual performance measures that can demonstrate progress toward achieving the program’s long-term goals?

2.4: Does the program have baselines and ambitious targets for its annual measures?

2.5: Do all partners (including grantees, sub-grantees, contractors, cost-sharing partners, and other government partners) commit to and work toward the annual and/or long-term goals of the program?

2.6: Are independent evaluations of sufficient scope and quality conducted on a regular basis or as needed to support program improvements and evaluate effectiveness and relevance to the problem, interest, or need?

2.7: Are budget requests explicitly tied to accomplishment of the annual and long-term performance goals, and are the resource needs presented in a complete and transparent manner in the program’s budget?

2.8: Has the program taken meaningful steps to correct its strategic planning deficiencies?

Specific Strategic Planning Questions by Program Type

2.RG1: Are all regulations issued by the program/agency necessary to meet the stated goals of the program, and do all regulations clearly indicate how the rules contribute to achievement of the goals? (Regulatory)

2.CA1: Has the agency/program conducted a recent, meaningful, credible analysis of alternatives that includes trade-offs between cost, schedule, risk, and performance goals, and used the results to guide the resulting activity? (Capital Assets and Service Acquisition)

2.RD1: If applicable, does the program assess and compare the potential benefits of efforts within the program and (if relevant) to other efforts in other programs that have similar goals? (R&D)

2.RD2: Does the program use a prioritization process to guide budget requests and funding decisions? (R&D)

Section III.
Program Management

3.1: Does the agency regularly collect timely and credible performance information, including information from key program partners, and use it to manage the program and improve performance?

3.2: Are Federal managers and program partners (including grantees, sub-grantees, contractors, cost-sharing partners, and other government partners) held accountable for cost, schedule and performance results?

3.3: Are funds (Federal and partners’) obligated in a timely manner, spent for the intended purpose, and accurately reported?

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