reporting (about 55,000 records in the databases had missing ORI codes) and the specific identification glitch detected for cases in Colorado and Rhode Island. The Inspector General report also offers sound advice to evaluate the user base for the portable Rapid Brass Identification (RBI) units, which have the potential for permitting cartridge case entries by other agencies without a full IBIS set-up but which have been found to be problematic by previous users.

We generally concur with the Inspector General’s recommendations and advance some themes from those recommendations in our own guid-

to spend valuable resources to enter the bullet data into NIBIN, and deploy the technology if it is cost-effective.

  1. Perform an analysis of the current [Rapid Brass Identification (RBI)] users, and any other potential users, to determine if they would use an improved system enough to warrant the additional cost. If the analysis concludes that another system would be cost-effective, then ATF should pursue funding to obtain the system.

  2. Provide guidance to partner agencies on the necessity to view correlations in a timely manner and to ensure that correlations viewed in NIBIN are properly marked.

  3. Monitor the nonviewed correlations of partner agencies and take corrective actions when a backlog is identified.

  4. Research ways to help the partner agencies eliminate the current backlog of firearms evidence awaiting entry into NIBIN. The research should consider whether the partner agencies can send their backlogged evidence to the ATF Laboratories or to other partner agencies for entry into NIBIN, and whether improvements to the efficiency of NIBIN would facilitate more rapid and easy entry of evidence.

  5. Coordinate with Department of Justice law enforcement agencies that seize firearms and firearms evidence to help them establish a process for entering the seized evidence into NIBIN.

Asked to review a draft of the audit report, ATF noted its partial or full concurrence with every recommendation; the ATF response comprises Appendix XV of the audit report.

SOURCE: Text of recommendations excerpted from U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General (2005).

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