OCTOBER 25-26, 2007

Manahem Anderman, Advanced Automotive Batteries

Lithium-Ion Batteries for Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Opportunities and Challenges

Mark Daroux, Stratum Technologies, Inc.

Lithium Ion Phosphate Batteries for Traction Application

Tien Duong, U.S. Department of Energy

Status of Electrical Energy Storage Technologies

Michel Forissier, Valeo

Fuel Economy Solutions

Bart Riley, A123 Systems

A123 Systems Battery Technologies


NOVEMBER 27-28, 2007

Khalil Amine, Argonne National Laboratory

Advanced High Power Chemistries for HEV Applications

Paul Blumberg, Ethanol Boosting Systems, LLC

Ethanol Turbo Boost for Gasoline Engines: Diesel and Hybrid Equivalent Efficiency at an Affordable Cost

Frank Fodal, Chrysler LLC

Fuel Economy/Fuels

Robert Wimmer and Shunsuke Fushiki, Toyota

Toyota Hybrid Program

David Geanacopoulos, Volkswagen of America, Inc.

Diesel Technology for VW

Johannes Ruger, Bosch

Increasing Fuel Economy: Contribution of Bosch to Reach Future Goals

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