Let’s begin by talking about your work with USAID

  1. In total, how long have you worked for USAID?

  2. How much of your time with USAID has been spent working in the Democracy and Governance Sector?

  3. In how many countries and for how long have you worked in the DG Sector with USAID? Please list for me the name of the country and how long you have worked in each country.

  4. Which DG subsectors have you worked in for USAID? Please list the name of the country and the subsector(s) in which you worked in that country. [Interviewer: Write the name of the country and place an X in the box below the subsector(s) for that country. (Subsectors: Civil Society, Rule of Law, Legislative Strengthening, Electoral Processes, Anti-Corruption, Media, Human Rights, Other)]

Now let’s talk about some of the specific USAID DG programs that you have worked on. First, we are interested in how you think about program success.

  1. Considering all of the DG programs that you have worked on, supervised, or directly observed, can you tell me which one or two you think were the most successful?

  2. [Interviewer: If one program was identified above, skip this question and go directly to question, #7. If two programs are identified above, ask:] In your view, which of these two was the most successful?

  3. Let’s get a little more information about this program. In which country was it carried out?

  4. During which years did the program operate?

  5. During this time, when were you involved with the program?

  6. What was the approximate funding level? Please indicate the life of project funding and the annual funding.

  7. What were the objectives of the program?

  8. Can you please describe the basic operation of the program? How did it work?

  9. And why do you say that this program was the most successful? What did it accomplish?

  10. Can you give me a few examples of success?

  11. Can you identify the particular factors that seem to have led to the success of this program and why each factor that you identify was important? [Interviewer: Be sure to prompt informant to answer why each factor is important.]

    Factor 1 & why important?

    Factor 2 & why important?

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