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SRP 004: The Ellsworth Mountains: Critical and Enduringly Enigmatic by I. W. D. Dalziel

SRP 005: Cenozoic Environmental Changes Along the East Antarctic Continental Margin Inferred from Regional Seismic Stratigraphy by G. L. Leitchenkov et al.

SRP 006: Magnetic Anomalies in East Antarctica: A Window on Major Tectonic Provinces and Their Boundaries by A. V. Golynsky

SRP 007: Sm-Nd and U-Pb Isotopic Constraints for Crustal Evolution During Late Neoproterozic from Rocks of the Schirmacher Oasis East Antarctica: Geodynamic Development Coeval with the East African Orogeny by V. Ravikant et al.

SRP 008: IGY to IPY the U.S. Antarctic Oversnow and Airborne Geophysical-Glaciological Research Program from 1957 to 1964 from the View of a Young Graduate Student by J. C. Behrendt

SRP 009: The Cosmonaut Sea Wedge by K. Solli et al. SRP 010: Holocene Oceanographic and Climatic Variability of the Vega Drift Deduced through Foraminiferal Interpretation by P. Szymcek et al.

SRP 011: SCIAMACHY’s View of the Polar Atmosphere by M. Gottwald et al.

SRP 012: New Rb-Sr Mineral Ages Temporally Link Plume Events with Accretion at the Margin of Gondwana by M. J. Flowerdew et al.

SRP 013: Upper Mantle Anisotropy from Teleseismic SKS Splitting Beneath Lützow-Holm Bay Region East Antarctica by Y. Usui et al.

SRP 014: Insight into the Geology of the East Antarctic Hinterland: A Study of Sediment Inclusions from Ice Cores of the Lake Vostok Borehole by G. L. Leitchenkov et al.

SRP 015: Geoenvironments from the Vicinity of Arctowski Station Admiralty Bay King George Island Antarctica: Vulnerability and Valuation Assessment by C. Ernesto et al.

SRP 016: Magnetic Anomalies Northeast of Cape Adare Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica) and Their Relation to Onshore Structures by D. Damaske et al.

SRP 017: Cenozoic Antarctic DiatomWare/BugCam: An Aid for Research and Teaching by S. W. Wise et al.

SRP 018: Synthetic Seismograms and Spectral Cycles on the Andvord and Schollaert Drifts: Antarctic Peninsula by P. L. Manley and S. Brachfeld

SRP 019: Paleocene and Maastrichtian Calcareous Nannofossils from Clasts in Pleistocene Glaciomarine Muds from the Northern James Ross Basin Western Weddell Sea Antarctica by D. K. Kulhanek

SRP 020: Antarctic Ice-Rafted Detritus (IRD) in the South Atlantic: Indicators of Iceshelf Dynamics or Ocean Surface Conditions? by Simon H. H. Nielsen and D. A. Hodell

SRP 021: Does the Late Pliocene Change in the Architecture of the Antarctic Margin Correspond to the Transition to the Modern Antarctic Ice Sheet? by M. Rebesco and A. Camerlenghi

SRP 022: Lithospheric Structure Across the Transantarctic Mountains Constrained by an Analysis of Gravity and Thermal Structure by Audrey D. Huerta

SRP 023: Zircon U-Pb Ages from an Ultra-High Temperature Metapelite Rauer Group East Antarctica: Implications for Overprints by Grenvillian and Pan-African Events by Y. W. L. Tong and D. Liu

SRP 024: Abrupt Turnover in Calcareous-Nannoplankton Assemblages Across the Paleocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum: Implications for Surface-Water Oligotrophy over the Kerguelen Plateau Southern Indian Ocean by S. Jiang and S. W. Wise

SRP 025: Basement and Crustal Structure of the Davis Sea Region (East Antarctica): Implications for Tectonic Setting and Continent to Oceanic Boundary Definition by Y. B. Guseva et al.

SRP 026: Extensive Debris Flow Deposits on the Eastern Wilkes Land Margin: A Key to Changing Glacial Regimes by C. Escutia et al.

SRP 027: Granulometry of Pebble Beach Ridges in Fort Williams Point Greenwich Island Antarctic Peninsula: A Possible Result from Holocene Climate Fluctuations by E. Santana and J. F. Dumont

SRP 028: Crustal Structure and Evolution of the Mawson Sea Western Wilkes Land Margin East Antarctica by G. L. Leitchenkov et al.

SRP 029: Sea Ice Concentration Temporal Variability over the Weddell Sea and Its Relationship with Tropical Sea Surface Temperature by S. Barreira and R. Compagnucci

SRP 030: Geology of the Byrd Glacier Discontinuity (Ross Orogen): New Survey Data from the Britannia Range Antarctica by R. Carosi et al.

SRP 031: Unconsolidated Sediments at the Bottom of Lake Vostok from Seismic Data by I. Filina et al.

SRP 032: Platinum-Group Elements in Sills of the Jurassic Ferrar Large Igneous Province from Northern Victoria Land Antarctica by R. Hanemann and L. Viereck-Goette

SRP 033: Jurassic Magmatism in Dronning Maud Land: Synthesis of Results of the MAMOG Project by P. T. Leat et al.

SRP 034: Main Andean Sinistral Shear Along the Cooper Bay Dislocation Zone South Georgia? by M. L. Curtis

SRP 035: New 40Ar/39Ar and K/Ar Ages of Dikes in the South Shetland Islands (Antarctic Peninsula) by S. Kraus et al.

SRP 036: Solar Forcing and El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Influences on Productivity Cycles Interpreted from a Late-Holocene High-Resolution Marine Sediment Record Adélie Drift East Antarctic Margin by E. Costa et al.

SRP 037: East Antarctic Ice Sheet Fluctuations During the Middle Miocene Climatic Transition Inferred from Faunal and Biogeochemical Data on Planktonic Foraminifera (ODP Hole 747A Kerguelen Plateau) by M. Verducci et al.

SRP 038: Solubility of TiO2in Garnet and Orthopyroxene: Ti Thermometer for Ultrahigh-Temperature Granulites by T. Kawasaki and Y. Motoyoshi

SRP 039: Early Precambrian Mantle Derived Rocks in the Southern Prince Charles Mountains East Antarctica: Age and Isotopic Constraints by E. V. Mikhalsky et al.

SRP 040: Mega Debris Flow Deposits on the Western Wilkes Land Margin East Antarctica by F. Donda

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