B12 Hypersonic hydrocarbon-fueled scramjet

This R&T challenge has the following milestones:

  • Develop advanced instrumentation capable of measuring time-averaged and time-resolved flow parameters to validate design tools.

  • Complete unit experiments based on generic inlets, isolators, combustors, and nozzles to provide to provide benchmark data sets for model validation.

  • Conduct experiments on mode transition for validation of unsteady models.

  • Assist DoD flight demonstration programs that are currently in progress.

The Propulsion and Experimental Capabilities elements of the Hypersonics Project include several tasks devoted to supporting the DoD’s X-51 Program, which is developing and testing hydrocarbon scramjet technology. The Hypersonics Project also includes diagnostics research related to this challenge that is being conducted alongside the X-51 tests.

E12 Autonomous flight monitoring of manned and unmanned aircraft

This R&T challenge has the following milestones:

  • Produce a detailed set of requirements and design specification for flight monitoring systems deployed on manned and unmanned aircraft.

  • Demonstrate algorithms and knowledge to enable a flight monitoring system that accurately anticipates, detects, and diagnoses flight plan deviations.

  • Demonstrate the ability to more accurately project the near-term results of manipulating aircraft controls and inform pilots of likely consequences in terms of aircraft motion, potential collisions, airspace violations, etc.

  • Design protocols for disseminating information from flight monitoring systems locally and throughout the air transportation system.

  • Specify corrective actions appropriate for manned and unmanned aircraft in response to unplanned deviations detected by a flight monitoring system.

The Integrated Intelligent Flight Deck Project is supporting substantial research related to manned aircraft, but it is not dealing with unmanned aircraft.


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