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An engineering oath has been proposed in Iran. Engineers can, at the time of graduation, sign the text of the engineering oath, which is as follows:

Profoundly conscious of the importance of the engineering profession in affecting the peace and welfare of human beings throughout the world, in protecting and safeguarding the environment against the hazards of pollution, in supporting my own sustainable joy and happiness, and by committing myself personally to this profession, I as an engineer hereby declare my sincere willingness to observe the following principles:

  1. In all my engineering activities I shall observe the principles of honesty, precision, regularity, justice, speed in action, the interests of society, and the rights of my colleagues, and I shall be patient in reaching my objectives.

  2. In all my engineering activities I shall observe the principles of health, safety, and the future of human beings, and I shall be kind, loving, and committed toward them.

  3. In all my engineering activities I shall have self-confidence, curiosity, and perseverance, and I shall use creativity and innovation in solving problems assigned to me.

  4. Concerning the duties assigned to me, I shall prove myself committed, conscientious, and restrained about my employer’s secrets and collaborations.

  5. In my engineering activities I shall economize in using water, energy, money, materials, equipment, time, and other national resources, and I shall have a keen sensitivity toward their use and avoid undue wastage.

  6. In my engineering activities I shall try to limit harm to the environment as much as possible.

  7. I shall endeavor to bring my engineering knowledge up to date and make myself conversant with the latest scientific and technical innovations and achievements, especially in such fields as hazards and safety, to economize in relation to materials, machinery, and systems being used, and to be fully knowledgeable in my designs.

  8. In my engineering activities I shall try to create a working environment full of love and kindness. I shall endeavor to selflessly serve my fellow countrymen and look upon my colleagues as my dear brothers and sisters and love them all. I shall also try to cultivate human values both within myself as well as within others.

  9. In my engineering activities I shall prove myself humble. I shall view the successes and breakthroughs achieved not solely as the result of my own initiatives but also as the result of the sincere cooperation of my colleagues. Hence, I shall always feel grateful toward them.

  10. I shall impart my knowledge and experience to others in a spirit of loving kindness and selfless service.

  11. In engineering designs I shall observe all standards, and I shall give highest priority to safety rules and the safety of society.

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