TABLE S-1 Summary of the Committee’s Ratings of Each ETDP Project with Regard to Quality, Effectiveness in Developing and Transitioning Technology, and Alignment with the Vision for Space Exploration

NOTE: A few projects were given two ratings because of major distinctions between elements within a given project.

A summary of the ratings is provided in Table S-1. A few projects were given two flag colors due to major distinctions between elements in the project. Observations on each project are presented in Chapter 1. Chapter 2 discusses cross-cutting issues, i.e., issues that transcend a given project and that became evident during the course of the committee’s work.

At the conclusion of the site visits, the committee came away with an appreciation of the enormity of the task faced by the NASA workforce engaged in the Exploration Technology Development Program, especially in light of the constraints imposed by a limited budget relative to the exploration goals, the timeline laid out for meeting the requirements of the Vision for Space Exploration, and the desire to fully employ the NASA workforce at all its centers. In spite of these constraints, the committee was impressed with the intensity of the effort, the dedication and enthusiasm of the personnel to play a part in contributing to the VSE, the degree to which inter-NASA-center cooperation has developed, and the fact that all 10 NASA centers are engaged in the program.

Reflecting on its site visits, and its subsequent investigation and analysis, the committee cites the following specific issues that cut across individual project lines; they will receive further analysis by the

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