NOVEMBER 30, 2007

8:30 a.m.

Sustainability Issues and Options for Solutions: Affordability, Public Interest, and Political Will

Moderator: J. Pawelczyk; Panelists: P. Carliner, G. Paulikas, R. Truly, G. Whitesides

  • How can expansive expectations for the total content of the civil space program be reconciled with realistic expectations for total program resources?

  • What is required to ensure that national goals for human space exploration are sustainable?

  • Are there proven strategies for ensuring sustainability for large federal programs?




Balance Issues and Options for Solutions

Moderator: C. Bolden; Panelists: T. Jernigan, C. Kennel, L. Garver

  • How should decision makers assess an appropriate balance between NASA’s programs in human spaceflight vs. science vs. aeronautics?

  • Is “balance” the same as “investment portfolio mix”?

  • What are appropriate criteria or metrics for achieving “balance”?

  • Roles of NASA vs. roles of others

    • What are the appropriate roles of NASA vis-à-vis other government agencies?

    • What are the appropriate roles of the federal government vis-à-vis the private sector?

12:15 p.m.



Civil Government Missions in Earth Observations

Moderator: J. Fellows; Panelists: J. Loschnigg, B. Moore, S. Sorooshian

  • What should be NASA’s role in helping the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) acquire the data needed to assess global climate change?

  • What are the appropriate roles and responsibilities of NASA, NOAA, and other agencies in Earth observations from space?


Capabilities and Infrastructure

Moderator: R. Colladay; Panelists: J. Klineberg, T. Zurbuchen, I. Pryke

  • Are there critical unmet needs or anticipated gaps that should be addressed to give the U.S. the capability to achieve its civil space goals, and what strategies are needed to meet expected long-term needs?

    • U.S. space industrial base, NASA centers, and academia

    • Access to space

    • Technology development




Synthesis and Wrap-up: Summary Comments by All Participants

Moderator: R. Colladay

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