This version reflects several significant changes to the original framework document (version 12/19/05) that was used to guide the work of the first four evaluation committees (Hearing Loss; Mining; Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing; and Respiratory Disease). Changes were made in response to feedback from members and staff of these committees, as well as other comments on the original framework, in order to make the document more useful to evaluation committees as they carry out their work. In particular, the following changes were made to the framework document during the revision process:

  • The wording of some of the relevance and impact scores were edited to make the wording more precise and to reduce situations where the original scores were non-unique or overlapping (revised scoring criteria are given in Boxes 2 and 3).

  • A new table was added to provide explicit guidance to evaluation committees on how to weigh differences in the observed levels of “research priority” and “engagement in appropriate transfer activities” in arriving at a single integer score for relevance (see Table 6).

  • The guidance on scoring was clarified to make more explicit that all scores are to be given as integers.

  • The NIOSH logic model was updated (see Figure 1).

  • The table on evaluation committee information needs (Table 2) was reorganized to be more consistent with the NIOSH logic model, and additional information needs identified by the first set of evaluation committees were added.

  • A worksheet to assist with the development of scores has been deleted and key components of the worksheet have been incorporated into appropriate sections throughout the document.

  • The organization of the document was modified to more closely follow the revised statement of task and to improve readability.

  • A number of sections of text originally presented in outline form were modified in tables or boxes to make the information more accessible.

This second version of the framework document remains a working document subject to further modification by the Framework Committee on the basis of input received from evaluation committee members, NIOSH, stakeholders, and the general public during the course of the assessments.

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