BOX 3-1

Summary of Research Proposals Identified by Breakout Groups

Agriculture/Wildland Interface

  • Large-scale experimental comparisons of agricultural practices

  • Documenting landscape and regional scale changes

  • Global pollinator initiative

  • Wildlife surrogates in lab-based GEO tests

  • Long-term studies of insects and microbes

Silviculture/Wild Forest Interface

  • Creation of a national infrastructure for collaborative research

  • Development of a model to assess gene flow

Aquaculture/Aquatic Habitat Interface

  • Direct effects of transgenic native fish species

  • Ecological effects of non-native GE fish

useful bases on which to elaborate research that will answer some of the questions about the effects of GEOs on the different ecosystems.

The report-outs of the two breakout sessions are summarized below, organized by habitat interface; Box 3-1 contains a list of the research proposals generated by the four groups.


Two separate groups met to discuss research topics examining the potential impacts of GEOs at the interface of agricultural lands and wildlands. Each group developed its ideas for questions that would be important to pursue, and they also described different approaches or tools to address those questions. Richard Hellmich (U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service [USDA-ARS]) and Deborah LeTourneau (University of California, Santa Cruz) summarized the discussions of their respective breakout groups in the plenary session.

Research Questions

Research questions identified by the groups include the following:

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