Principal Technology

Principal Business

Luna Innovations, Inc.

Core technologies are in fiber optics, wireless, and ultrasonic sensing, biotechnology, advanced materials, nondestructive evaluation, and integrated systems.

Manufacturing process control, next-generation cancer drug development, analytical instrumentation, novel nanomaterials, advanced petroleum monitoring system, and wireless remote asset management.

Mainstream Engineering Corporation

Thermal control, energy conversion, turbomachinery-based technologies and nanotechnology.

HVAC products, A/C certifications, recreational boating, environmental control units, generators/engines, M9ACE crew cooling, oil-less compressors, heat transfer fluids.

Space Photonics, Inc. (SPI)

Core Technologies: Micro Electronics Photonics Packaging; Ultra-High-Speed Fiber Optic Transceivers; Optical Network Components; and Free Space Optical Transceivers.

Innovative avionics and space optical communications components, networks, services and support. Products include: SPI’s LaserFire­­­­® (Free-Space Communications Transceivers); MEMSpot­­­­® (beam steering devices currently under development); Micro-Electo-Mechanical Systems (MEMS); SPI’s FireFibre­­­­® (4-Channel transmitters and receivers); and SPI’s FireRing­­­­® (High Speed Real-Time Fiber Optic Networks).

Technology Management, Inc. (TMI)

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System (SOFC).

Fuel cell systems integrator. A compact, multifuel, modular, kilowatt class system, which can be delivered overnight.

TiNi Alloy Company

MEMS (Microelectronic-Mechanical Systems) and nanotechnology. Thin film microfabrication and materials science. The result is micro-miniature valves and micro-switches with potential applications to consumer products and manufacturing. Their technologies have applications in four areas: Biotech, Aerospace, Energy, and Medicine.

Heat engines that run on hot and cold water, with application to aerospace devices; microdevices and nanodevices made of TiNi thin film.

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