Page 11, Section 8.3. No specific research needs for trimethylchlorosilane are identified. Is the last sentence intended to indicate that no further research is needed?

Editorial Comments

Pages iii-iv. Much of the material in the paragraphs on the AEGL-2 and AEGL-3 values is there to explain the rationale for selecting specific values for UFs and illustrating the consequences of using other values. This is all explained in the text; for the purposes of a summary, it could be left out.

Page 1. Insert a molecular structure diagram here (or wherever appropriate) for comparison purposes with the other silanes for which AEGLs are being developed.

Page 3, line 20. The term “fiducial limits” should be replaced with the more commonly used “confidence limits.”

Page 9, line 25. Change “subjective” to “were not quantified.”

Page 11, lines 8-11. In Table 7, the lines demarking the cells for ERPG values are missing. While these values are by definition for exposures up to 1 h, the lack of the lines could be inferred to indicate that the values are valid for longer time periods as well. For the WEEL ceiling value, either no cell lines should be used (as is), or the same value should be in each cell (as with the AEGL-1 value).

Pages 12 and 13, Section 9. If a document is available online (other than a journal article), the URL should be provided to improve ease of access:

If there is a citation of a common secondary source, check to see if there is a recently updated version, verify the information being referenced there, and cite the most recent version that contains the material to be referenced. This is especially appropriate for annually updated sources such as the TLVs, WEELs, or ERPGs, which can change and even withdraw certain values. For exposure limits and guidelines, also ensure that the citation clearly refers to either the value or the documentation (see Bingham et al. 2001).

Pages A1-A3. This material is redundant with the paragraph on the derivation of AEGL-1 values on page 7, line 30, which does not refer to Appendix A. It seems the appendix is redundant, and it can be dropped.

Page C-2, line 17. Change “insufficient data” to “not relevant.”

Page D2. The category plot is missing an axis.

Comment Reference

Bingham, E., Cohrssen, B., Powell, C.H. (2001). Patty’s Toxicology (5th Edition) Volumes 1-8. John Wiley & Sons, New York NY.

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