1. Are there formal arrangements with other transportation providers, such as commuter rail systems, Amtrak, school bus companies, and intercity bus lines to assist in an emergency evacuation, if needed? Please describe, including agreements about financing and liability.

  2. Are arrangements in place to coordinate evacuation by bus with other vehicular traffic in case of an emergency evacuation? Who will manage this?

  3. What arrangements are in place with the state or other jurisdictions outside the region should an emergency require evacuation of a large portion of the metropolitan area?

  4. What arrangements have been made, if any, for the evacuation of the following special needs populations:

    1. Carless residents?

    2. The elderly?

    3. The disabled?

    4. Those of the above who are non-English speaking?

    5. People with pets?

  1. Do you have any estimate of the size of these various populations, recognizing that there may be some overlap among them?

  2. For those special needs populations that require assistance, what provisions have been made for them to access transit (e.g., special needs registries? use of 311/911 systems?).

  3. Is paratransit included as part of the plan for emergency evacuation, and if so, how will these vehicles be deployed?

  4. Are school buses part of the plan, and, if so, how will they be deployed?

  5. Does the plan consider other institutions that may need to be evacuated in an emergency? Do you know if these institutions and those providing access to special needs populations will be using the same providers, whose staff and equipment would be stretched in an emergency?

    1. Corrections

    2. Hospitals/health care

    3. Housing for the elderly

    4. Schools

    5. Police/fire/medical personnel

  1. Has the plan been publicized? For example, have pickup points been designated where riders can access transit? Have maps or other information been made available? Please provide details.

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