• Network-centric infrastructure services and operations; and

  • Layered adaptive security.

Based on information contained in version 0.2 of the JPDO’s Integrated Work Plan, the presentations focused on the description of the concept of operation, the operational improvements to be offered by the technologies in each working group area, and requirements for implementation of these capabilities. Each presentation was followed by a discussion. Over the course of the discussions, a number of themes became apparent:

  • The sense of a lack of urgency on the part of the JPDO;

  • The perception of an inability to clearly articulate the goals of the NextGen program;

  • A concern with the narrow boundaries and with the inward focus (viz., on FAA and NASA) of the program;

  • A concern that readability and format issues make it difficult to understand the NextGen program as it was presented in version 0.2 of the Integrated Work Plan;

  • A concern that the JPDO has not developed an adequate transition plan with test implementations, demonstration projects, and so on, and does not have either the resources or the organizational authority to execute such a plan;

  • A concern with the ability of the organization to make difficult (politically charged) decisions; and

  • An awareness that NextGen faces technical challenges and risks in the research and development that needs to be undertaken.

In addition, a number of specific research-related questions raised by individual workshop participants are listed in Chapter 3 of this report for consideration by JPDO for the next version of the Integrated Work Plan.

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