• Airport operations and support;

  • Environmental management;

  • Air navigation operations, air navigation support, and flight operation support;

  • Positioning, navigation, and timing services and surveillance;

  • Weather information services;

  • Safety management;

  • Network-centric infrastructure services and operations; and

  • Layered adaptive security.

To focus the discussion of the IWP R&D plan, the organizing committee sent several questions to the speakers prior to the workshop:

  • What is the JPDO’s most significant research or technological challenge in this area?

  • What are the most important R&D activities listed?

  • Do the R&D activities form or fit into a structured, coherent program?

  • Are there critical R&D activities missing?

  • What are the R&D priorities in terms of timing, funding, efficiency, safety, importance, readiness, and so on?

  • Are the R&D activities adequate, sufficient, or excessive in terms of achieving the JPDO objectives?

  • Is the critical path to NextGen clear?

The presentations (available on request from the ASEB office) were based on the R&D plans contained in the IWP and focused on a description of the concept of operation, the operational improvements to be offered by the technologies in that working group area, and the key enablers for implementation of these capabilities. Each of the nine workshop presentations was followed by a discussion. The issues raised during those discussions are summarized by topic area in Chapter 2. A general discussion followed the last presentation; at that time, workshop participants were given the opportunity to raise any issues they felt should be communicated to the JPDO. Specific observations made and questions raised by individual workshop participants are listed in Chapter 3.

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