OT&E operational test and evaluation

PARC Palo Alto Research Center

PDA personal digital assistant

PET Positron Emission Tomography

PII personally identifiable information

PKK Kurdistan Workers Party (terrorist organization)

PNR Passenger Name Record

PUMS Public Use Microdata Sample

QID Questioned Identification Documents

R&D research and development

RAF Red Army Faction (terrorist organization)

RDD random-digit-dialed

RFID radio-frequency identification

RR3 response rate (category 3)1

RR4 response rate (category 4)2

RTAS Remote Threat Alerting System

S&T science and technology

SAR Suspicious Activity Report

SEC Securities and Exchange Commission

SKYCAT (KDD application)

SQL Structured Query Language

SSN Social Security number

STAR System-To-Assess Risk

SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

TAPAC DOD Technology and Privacy Advisory Committee

TASA Telecommunications Alarm-Sequence Analyzer (KDD application)

TB terabyte

TECS Treasury Enforcement Communications System

TIA Total/Terrorist Information Awareness program

TISS Tactical Information Sharing System

TSA Transportation Security Administration

TVIS Threat Vulnerability Integration System


See more information at http://www.pol.niu.edu/response.html.


See more information at http://www.pol.niu.edu/response.html.

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