ENSO El Niño/Southern Oscillation

EPA Everglades Protection Area

ESA Endangered Species Act

FDACS Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

FDEP Florida Department of Environmental Protection

FDOT Florida Department of Transportation

FWS U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

GAO Government Accountability Office

GIS geographic information system

GRR General Reevaluation Report

HCP habitat conservation plan

HSE Hydrologic Simulation Engine

HSI habitat suitability index

IAR incremental adaptive restoration IDM information and data management

IDS integrated delivery schedule

IMC Interagency Modeling Center

IOP Interim Operational Plan

IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

IRL Indian River Lagoon

IRL-S Indian River Lagoon-South

ISOP Interim Structural and Operational Plan

LILA Loxahatchee Impoundment Landscape Assessment

LNWR Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

LOER Lake Okeechobee and Estuary Recovery

LOPA Lake Okeechobee Protection Act

LOPP Lake Okeechobee Protection Plan

LOWCP-II Lake Okeechobee Watershed Construction Project: Phase II Technical Plan

LRR Limited Reevaluation Report

MAF million acre-feet

MAP monitoring and assessment plan

MGD million gallons per day

MISP Master Implementation Sequencing Plan

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