Suggested Outline for Evaluation Committee Reports

  1. Introduction

    This section should be a brief descriptive summary of the history of the program (and subprograms) being evaluated with respect to pre-NORA, NORA 1, and current and future plans of the research program presented by NIOSH. It should present the context for the research on safety and health; goals, objectives, and resources; groupings of subprograms; and any other important pertinent information. (A list of the NIOSH materials reviewed should be provided in Appendix C.)

  2. Evaluation of Programs and Subprograms (Charge 1)

  1. Evaluation summary (should include a brief summary of the evaluation with respect to impact and relevance, scores for impact and relevance, and summary statements).

  2. Strategic goals and objectives: should describe assessment of the program and subprograms for relevance.

  3. Review of inputs: should describe adequacy of inputs to achieve goals.

  4. Review of activities: should describe assessment of the relevance of the activities.

  5. Review of research-program outputs: should describe assessment of relevance and potential usefulness of the research program.

  6. Review of intermediate outcomes and causal impact: should describe assessment of the intermediate outcomes and the attribution to NIOSH; should include the likely impacts and recent outcomes in the assessment.

  7. Review of end outcomes: should describe the end outcomes related to health and safety and provides an assessment of the type and degree of attribution to NIOSH.

  8. Review of other outcomes: should discuss health and safety impacts that have not yet occurred; beneficial social, economic, and environmental outcomes; and international dimensions and outcomes.

  9. Summary of ratings and rationale.

  1. NIOSH Targeting of New Research and Identification of Emerging Issues (Charge 2)

    The EC should assess the progress that the NIOSH program has made in targeting new research in occupational safety and health. The EC should assess whether the NIOSH program has identified important emerging issues that appear especially important in terms of relevance to the mission of NIOSH. The EC should respond to NIOSH’s perspective and add its own recommendations.

  2. Recommendations for Program Improvement

    On the basis of the review and evaluation of the program, the EC may provide recommendations for improving the relevance of the NIOSH research program to health and safety conditions in the workplace and the impact of the research program on health and safety in the workplace.

Appendix A — Framework Document

Appendix B — Methods and Information-Gathering

Appendix C — List of NIOSH and Related Materials Collected in the Process of the Evaluation

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