Text of Emergency Response Questionnaire

Dear Colleague:

The Committee to Review the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Health Hazard Evaluation (HHE) Program was formed by the National Research Council to review the impact, relevance, and future directions of the program. The study is being conducted under the auspices of the Division of Earth and Life Studies. The committee has held meetings October 18-19, 2007, December 10-11, 2007, and January 15-16, 2008. The committee’s final meeting will be held February 21-22, 2008. The committee requests your input as a stakeholder of the HHE Program’s emergency response activities.

In addition to evaluating what the HHE Program produces, the committee will determine whether it is appropriate to credit the program with changes in workplace practices, hazardous exposures, and/or occupational illnesses and injuries, or whether the changes are the result of other unrelated factors. In conducting its assessment, the committee will evaluate

  1. The impact of the HHE Program on

  • reducing worker risk and preventing occupational illness in investigated workplaces;

  • transferring program-generated information to relevant employers and employees beyond the investigated workplaces;

  • NIOSH research and policy-development programs; and

  • the activities of regulatory agencies, occupational safety and health professionals and organizations, state and local health agencies, and others in the occupational health community, as achieved by transferring program-generated hazard and prevention information.

  1. The relevance of the HHE Program in addressing current and emerging workplace health hazards.

You can learn more about the committee and its charge at the following website:

The committee has generated a list of questions (see below) to guide your input. If you wish to contribute, please respond via email to me at your earliest convenience. Keep in mind that any written comments submitted to the committee are required to be included in the study’s public access file. If you wish your comments to remain anonymous, the committee has developed an on-line questionnaire in which providing your name and affiliation is optional ( The

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