questions on the website, however, were not specifically designed to learn about HHE Program emergency response activities as the questions below are.

Feel free to respond as you see most appropriate and to forward this request for input to other professionals.

Questions regarding NIOSH HHE Program emergency response activities

  1. What was the nature of your experience with NIOSH HHE emergency response staff who worked with your agency?

  2. What was the NIOSH HHE staff role in the investigation or response? Was it relevant and/or appropriate in your opinion? How could it have been changed? What would you suggest doing in the future if similar circumstance arose?

  3. What do you feel was the overall quality of work performed by the HHE staff responders? Was their arrival timely? Were reports prepared in a timely fashion?

  4. What was the overall impact of the NIOSH HHE staff involvement in the investigation or emergency response? Please address specifically the HHE Program’s impact on protection of workers from health hazards during the incident/investigation. To what extent were they successful? Were there any measurable changes in process/procedures/worker protection as a result of HHE Program staff involvement?

  5. What is your occupation or to what type of organization or industry do you belong? Please feel free to provide your name (optional). Any information you provide will help the committee understand the context for your responses.

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