BOX 6-1

Results of Family and School Interventions

Parenting Programs (examples: Incredible Years, Positive Parenting Program [Triple P], Strengthening Families Program: for Parents and Youth [SFP 10-14], Adolescent Transitions Program [ATP])

  • Reduced aggressive, disruptive, or antisocial behavior

  • Improved parent–child interaction

  • Reduced substance abuse

  • Improved academic success

Home Visiting Programs (examples: Nurse Family Partnership and Healthy Families New York)

Home visiting programs that start during pregnancy have demonstrated:

  • Improved pregnancy outcomes, maternal caregiving, and maternal life course

  • Prevention of the development of antisocial behavior

  • Reduced physical abuse, aggression, and harsh parenting

Comprehensive Early Education Programs (examples: Perry Preschool Program, Carolina Abecedarian Project, Child-Parent Centers)

  • Less child maltreatment

  • Less use of special education services, less grade retention, higher grade completion

  • Higher rates of high school graduation and college attendance

  • Fewer arrests by age 19, higher rates of employment, and higher monthly earnings

Family Disruption Interventions

New Beginnings Program, an intervention for families undergoing divorce:

  • Reduced odds of the child reaching diagnostic criteria for any mental disorder

  • Increased grade point average for adolescents

  • Reduced number of sexual partners reported by adolescents

School-Based Programs

Good Behavior Game, a first grade classroom management intervention:

  • Reduced disruptive behavior and increased academic engaged time

  • Reduced likelihood that initially aggressive students would receive a diagnosis of conduct disorder by sixth grade

  • Significantly reduced likelihood that persistently highly aggressive males would receive a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder as a young adult

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