• The family was more likely to be a targeted mediator in NIDA-funded projects.

  • NIAAA was the only agency in which policy was identified as a mediator (9 percent).

Population, Location, and Provider

  • The majority of grants in all three agencies targeted school-age children, adolescents, or young adults, with fewer than 10 percent focusing on early childhood.

  • Around one-quarter of both NIDA and NIMH abstracts focused on children of elementary school age, with the remainder focused primarily on middle school and high school.

  • Young adults were an infrequent target of intervention by both NIMH and NIDA projects. NIAAA had both substantially more projects targeting young adults (68 percent) and a large proportion of projects in colleges (47 percent), due to their specific research portfolio focusing on interventions targeted at 21- to 25-year-olds.

  • Although a significant number of NIMH and NIDA grants take place in school settings, relatively few have school personnel (rather than research staff) as the provider of the intervention.

  • Very few trials take place in the health care system or in other government agencies that serve children and families, and very few projects indicated that they were evaluating cultural adaptations of existing interventions.

NOTES: NIAAA = National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, NIDA = National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIMH = National Institute of Mental Health.

SOURCE: Based on analysis of 35 NIMH, 77 NIDA, and 53 NIAAA project abstracts.

one of six specified areas, although the role of mental health promotion is unclear. In the area of health promotion, creating healthy schools is one of the target areas. In addition, CDC provides funding for Community-Based Participatory Prevention Research, although prevention of MEB disorders among young people has been a relatively small component of funded projects.

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