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Price Indexes and Volume Measures. Discuss BLS’s plans to research and generate price indexes organized by broad disease category. The PPI program currently publishes provider based price indexes aggregated by broad disease category for payers other than Medicare and Medicaid in general hospitals and for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Because similar data will be available in the future for other industries such as physician services, medical laboratories, and diagnostic imaging centers, the PPI is researching the development of an alternative price index organized by disease categories rather than provider. Currently collected item data captured monthly and priced at the point of service (the provider) will be used in the proposed index, and procedures have been developed that allow price change caused by substitution of treatments across providers to be reflected. Additionally, PPI has developed a method to quality adjust its current hospital indexes by using quality indicators contained in the CMS Hospital Compare database. The CPI program is generating experimental price indexes, also organized by major disease category, by merging medical expenditure and utilization data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey with the BLS CPI production database. Both the PPI quality adjustment proposal and the CPI generation of experimental price indexes use existing databases with no additional expenditure from BLS.


Bonnie Murphy, BLS

Ralph Bradley, BLS

Discussants: Jack Triplett, Patricia Danzon

Open Discussion

12:45 p.m.

Lunch Topic Discussion: Measuring Treatment Outcomes. Discuss the difficulties when constructing measures of treatment outcomes and assess the current state of knowledge. Discuss the role of clinical data to inform performance measures; offer views on merging clinical data to claims data, and on the availability of HMO encounter data.


Mark McClellan, Brookings Institution

Open Discussion


National Accounting Issues. Discuss national accounting issues that must be resolved in order to produce a satellite account for health care. Among these is how to construct measures of real expenditures for health care industries, define disease and product classes, and make the spending and industry sides of the account

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