Measurements and Standards, which generates a list of recommended projects; however, CIRMS does not prioritize the items on that list. An external advisory committee should be appointed to help the Radioactivity Group select and prioritize both new research projects and the specific areas of service collaboration.

Funding for a major renovation to the existing building or, preferably, a new building, should be established for the Ionizing Radiation Division. Shielded radiation cells should be constructed to house the needed modern radiation equipment and high-dose-rate calibration equipment required for industrial-scale dosimetry and medical imaging and calibrations. Careful attention should be given to the current sources of funding for the division. The heavy dependence on DHS funds may lead to a future problem when this funding goes away. An external advisory committee should be established to assist in prioritizing research and service-related projects. Staff and funding in the Neutron Interactions and Dosimetry Group should be increased to allow the efficient use of the new facilities at the NCNR, and staffing in the Radioactivity Group should be increased to meet the growing needs in medical imaging and nuclear medicine.

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