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We thank our field crew from the University of Arizona (Laura Crumbacher, Peter Gaube, Melissa Wilson, James Stegen, Jason Pither, and Robin Sleith) for their help collecting the plant data and soil cores; the staff and researchers of the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, in particular John Harte and Ian Billick for their support; the staff and faculty at the University of California, Merced, for their support; Brendan Bohannan, Kathryn Docherty, Michael Donoghue, Rebecca Mueller, James O’Dwyer, Nathan Swenson, Ian Wright, and an anonymous reviewer for useful comments; and John Avise, Francisco Ayala, and Stephen Hubbell for organizing the Sackler Colloquium. Logistical support was provided by National Science Foundation Grant DBI 0420919 (to Ian Billick). J.A.B., H.M., and J.L.G. were supported by National Science Foundation Grant MCB 0500124 (to J.L.G.). B.J.E., A.J.K., and C.L. were supported by a National Science Foundation CAREER award, the University of Arizona, and a Los Alamos (Department of Energy) Laboratory Directed Research and Development award (to B.J.E.).

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