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Estimate of the Consequences of Excavation Activities at Sites of Nuclear Explosions after 40 Years. Contact:

Kulikov, G. G. (International Science and Technology Center). An Overview of ISTC Projects Concerning Problems of Radioactively Contaminated Land Remediation. Contact:

Linnik, V. G., A. G. Volosov, V. N. Potapov, A. A. Saveliev, A. V. Sokolov, P. V. Sokolov, and V. V. Surkov (Vernadsky Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Geochemistry; Russian Research Center—Kurchatov Institute; Ecological Faculty of Kazan University; Geography Faculty of Moscow State University). The Landscape Approach to Remediation of Radioactively Contaminated Sites: Development of a Decision Support System for Remediation Management. Contact:

Sarkisov, A. A. (Institute for Nuclear Safety). Remediation of Radioactively Contaminated Sites as Part of the Strategic Master Plan for Nuclear Submarine Decommissioning. Contact:

Shadrin, A. Yu., A. A. Murzin, V. A. Kamachev, and D. N. Shafikov (Khlopin Radium Institute). Decontamination of Soils in Supercritical and Liquid CO2and in Ozone-Friendly Freon HFC-134a. Contact:

Sobolev, A. M. (Scientific Research Institute of Atomic Reactors). The Choice of Criteria and Elaboration of Measures Aimed at Remediation of Contaminated Land on the Site of the All-Russian Research Institute of Biological Protection of Plants in Krasnodar. Contact:

Torgashov, V. I., F. N. Kaputsky, O. V. Zubets, E. V. Gert, H. P. Fink, and D. L. Jones (Physical Chemical Research Institute of Belarus State University; Frauenhofer Gesellschaft e. v. Institute für Angewandte Polymerforschung; School of Agriculture and Forest Science of University of Wales). The Cleanup of Radioactively Contaminated Lands Based on a Non-Radioactive Cellulose Technology. Contact:

Toropova, V. V., Yu. P. Davydov, N. I. Voronic, D. Yu. Davydov, L. M. Zemskova, A. S. Titov, and Panagiotis Misaelides (Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research—Sosny; Department of Chemistry of Aristotle University, Thessaloniki). On the Effect of Fe(III) and Cr(III) Hydroxo-Complexes on the Process of Chemical Decontamination of Soils Polluted with Cesium and Strontium Radionuclides as a Result of the Chernobyl Accident. Contact:

Zhemzhurov, M. L., V. V. Skurat, R. A. Shaternik, N. K. Vientyeva, and Ye. V. Likhavets (Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research—Sosny). Removal of Radiation Danger on the Former Sites of Military Units within the Territory of the Republic of Belarus. Contact:

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