TABLE D-2 Dental Services: Impacts of Health Insurance on Children’s Access and Use of Dental Services


Location and Time Period of Analysis

Data Sources


Banthin and Selden (2003)

The ABCs of children’s health care: How the Medicaid expansions affected access, burdens, and coverage between 1987 and 1996

United States, 1987 and 1996

National Medical Expenditure Survey (1987) and MEPS (1996)

D-D approach—change between 1987 and 1996 for poverty-related children less change over same time period for slightly higher-income children: Children made eligible for Medicaid under the poverty-related expansions in the 1980s are the treatment group and children with slightly higher income levels (defined as those in the income groups ultimately made eligible for SCHIP as of 2000) are the primary comparison group; controls included a variety of sociodemographic characteristics, as well as income and health status. Service use refers to previous 12 months.

Damiano et al. (2003)

The impact of the Iowa S-SCHIP program on access, health status, and family environment

Iowa, 1999-2000

Two-wave mail survey (with telephone followup) of parents of new enrollees in Hawk-I (SCHIP) and 1 year later; (N = 463) response rate = 80% for baseline and 72% for followup

Pre-post cohort/longitudinal design. Outcomes for new enrollees compared to outcomes for the same enrollees 1 year later; no information provided on prior coverage of new enrollees. Service use refers to previous 12 months.

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