Framework for the Review of Research Programs of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health*

This is the second version of a document prepared by the National Academies Committee for the Review of NIOSH Research Programs1 also referred to as the Framework Committee. This document is not a formal report of the National Academies—rather, it is a framework proposed for use by multiple National Academies evaluation committees to review up to 15 National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) research programs. It is a working document subject to modification by the Framework Committee on the basis of responses received from evaluation-committee members, NIOSH, stakeholders, and the general public during the course of the assessments.


Version of 8/10/07.


Members of the committee at the time this version was produced were David Wegman, Chair (University of Massachusetts Lowell School of Health and Environment), William Bunn III (International Truck and Engine Corporation), Carlos Camargo (Harvard Medical School), Susan Cozzens (Georgia Institute of Technology), Letitia Davis (Massachusetts Department of Public Health), James Dearing (Kaiser Permanente-Colorado), Fred Mettler, Jr. (University of New Mexico School of Medicine), Franklin Mirer (Hunter College School of Health Sciences), Jacqueline Nowell (United Food and Commercial Workers International Union), Raja Ramani (Pennsylvania State University), Jorma Rantanen (International Commission on Occupational Health), Rosemary Sokas (University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health), Richard Tucker (Tucker and Tucker Consultants, Inc., and University of Texas at Austin), and James Zuiches (North Carolina State University). Sammantha Magsino (National Academies staff) was the study director. Joseph Wholey (University of Southern California), former committee member, contributed to the first version of this document. Part V includes brief biographies of current committee members.

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