Gathering Storm is much more than a report. It is an action plan that needs to be implemented.

—TOM LUCE, Chief Executive Officer of the National Math and Science Initiative

It’s been striking to me, listening this morning, to hear Democrats and Republicans speaking with a common voice about what we need by way of a new direction.

DAVID FERRERO, Senior Program Officer for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Many students, professors and scientists across the country are lining up and saying that the energy problem is a national and international crisis. They want to enlist, but the recruiting stations remain closed.

STEVEN CHU, Director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

We have a comparative advantage on the world stage. We still have the most innovative nation on this planet; we have a strong science and technology base built over many years; we have a free market and an entrepreneurial economy; and we built all this on a substrate of democracy and a diverse population. If we get our act together, nobody can beat us at this game. But that means we have to consciously as a nation invest in the things that will allow our people to build on our advantage.

—CHARLES VEST, President of the National Academy of Engineering

Today the problems are more complex [than they were in the 1950s], and more global. They’ll require a new, educated workforce, one that is more open, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary.

KRISTINA JOHNSON, Provost of the Johns Hopkins University

We are quite literally at the center of a very historic effort to make our energy supplies cleaner, more diverse, more affordable, and more secure. Getting there will not be easy. This is very hard work. But together, I believe we can do it. I have tremendous faith in this country, in our scientists, in our engineers, and in our ability to come together to innovate and to lead.

—SAMUEL BODMAN, Secretary of the Department of Energy

I tend to be struck by how far we have come…. But I’m also struck by how far we have to go. It’s very doable. It’s just going to take some work.

—NORMAN AUGUSTINE, former Chief Executive Officer of Lockheed Martin Corporation

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