February 26-27, 2008

Beckman Center of the National Academies

Irvine, California

Technology Forecasting and Long Term S&T Planning

Adam Nucci, Defense Research and Engineering

Adaptivity in a Disruptive World

Jeffery Hersh, Booz Allen Hamilton

Anticipating Future Disruptive Technologies

Jae Engelbrecht, Toffler Associates

Deb Westphal, Toffler Associates

International Forecasting

Peter Schwartz, Global Business Network

Search and Research: Bringing Science Onto the Web

Mark Kaganovich, Labmeeting, Inc.

Prediction Market Overview: Effectiveness in Forecasting Disruptive Technological Change

Russell Andersson, HedgeStreet Exchange

X2 Framework

Marina Gorbis, Institute for the Future

Mike Love, Institute for the Future

Matt Daniels, Institute for the Future

Processes and Strategies that Affect Commercialization Success

David Pratt, M-CAM, Inc.

The Global Technology Revolution 2020: Trends, Drivers, Barriers, and Social Implications

Philip Anton, RAND Corporation

Richard Silberglitt, RAND Corporation

X2: Threats, Opportunities, and Advances in Science & Technology

Alex Pang, Institute for the Future

Matt Daniels, Institute for the Future

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