Recommendation 2: Mandate and implement comprehensive and accurate corrosion data reporting systems across DOD, using standard metrics and definitions. The total cost for implementing this recommendation is estimated at about $5 million, largely for contract support in the development of standards and metrics.

Maintenance Practices
  • Maintenance needs and current state of corrosion are not well characterized for most nonaviation assets.

  • It has been shown in industry that the costs of corrosion can be drastically reduced by instituting best practices in engineering and maintenance.

  • Systematic corrosion control training and awareness are lacking on the part of operators and maintainers.

  • There are no consistent, comprehensive corrosion control and maintenance strategies throughout the services and for all systems, including the infrastructure.

Recommendation 3: Fund contract for comprehensive assessment of all DOD weapon system equipment by approximately 30 five-person teams of corrosion experts and use the results to develop and implement a comprehensive corrosion maintenance strategy. The cost for implementing this recommendation is estimated at about $25 million per year and should be continued indefinitely.

Funding and Management
  • Corrosion science and technology (S&T) funding is small, fragmented and generally comes from unrelated research and development accounts such as Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP).

  • Dollars devoted to corrosion prevention during weapon systems research, development, testing, and evaluation (RDT&E) have historically proved insufficient.

  • No specific corrosion remediation budget exists in service operation and support (O&S) accounts.

Recommendation 4: Establish a Corrosion Executive for each service with responsibility for oversight and reporting, full authority over corrosion-specific funding, and a strong voice in corrosion-related funding. An investment of $60 million per service is estimated.

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