TABLE D-2 Continuing Education Offered by Professional Societies



Format, Location, Length

Topics Covered

General Corrosion

ASM International

General corrosion (basic)

100% lecture at ASM headquarters, 5 days

Basic concepts in corrosion

The electrochemical model

Corrosion kinetics and driving forces

Eight major forms of corrosion

Corrosion of eight alloy classes

Common corrosive environments

Methods of corrosion control


General corrosion (basic)

100% lecture, 15 videotaped sessions

Introduction to corrosion

Basic concepts in corrosion

Thermodynamics: Potential–pH diagrams

Kinetics of corrosion: Polarization

Eight forms of corrosion: Uniform, pitting, concentration cell

Eight forms of corrosion: Galvanic, stress corrosion cracking

Eight forms of corrosion: Erosion-corrosion, intergranular, dealloying

Corrosion testing and monitoring

Electrochemical test methods

General material considerations and applications to ferrous alloys

Nonferrous and nonmetallic materials

Corrosive environments

Economics and failure analysis

Methods of control: related to coatings


Wear and corrosion

100% lecture at ASM headquarters, 5 days


Wear mechanisms

Corrosion mechanisms

Designing materials to match the environment

Lubrication, friction, and wear testing

Advanced materials design for wear and corrosion

Repair strategies to optimize uptime


Corrosion prevention and control

DVD, 3 hours

Scientific principles of corrosion

Types of corrosion

Practical methods for corrosion prevention

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